As Internet lines become faster and servers more affordable, online data backup is not a new concept any more, being a modern service you can count on when backing up your files.

There are many advantages of online data backup instead of making copies on external hard drives, CDs or USB flash sticks. Some of these advantages are quite obvious, others might not have crossed your mind. Therefore, we will show you a list with the most important advantages of online data backup.

1. Additional security – Making copies to a USB thumb drive has little value, if it is damaged or lost, as is your computer. On the other hand, there are many risks, for example fire, computer viruses, flooding and hardware failure when you are storing backup copy in a remote place, away from your computer.

2. Keeping earlier copies and data versioning – There are things you really cannot do with manual data backup solutions by yourself, like versioning. The best online data backup companies preserve sequential copies of your data, and you can search and recover your data from earlier copies as well.

Sync your data on different devices – Clearly, synchronization is another important feature you can’t do with old backup systems. Luckily, you can sync your data with best online data backup providers easily.

Online Data Backup

3. Saving costs and time – Buying all the drives and backup media by yourself may prove quite expensive, because they also need upgrading, maintenance and your time to operate. Therefore, by using online data backup is less expensive and less time consuming.

4. Backup solutions are fully automated – The best online data backup providers, like ZipCloud, Backblaze and Livedrive, offer fully automated solutions, which are scheduled to make backups regularly.

5. Recovery from online backup is easier – If a crisis hits, the value of a decent backup strategy becomes apparent. Best data backup solutions enable to recover lost data fast, without disturbing your workflow.