Whether you are publishing content in order to generate leads, or to raise awareness of your brand, you need to get quality traffic to your pages. We will present you some common but easily fixed SEO mistakes, and once you have cleaned up all these mistakes, you will absolutely have the basics wrapped up.

1. Your content cannot be read on mobile devices

In spite of the fact that more than half the traffic on the internet is coming from mobile devices, 23% of small business websites still are not mobile-friendly, according to research from Clutch.co.. Also, another 9% have unknown mobile capabilities.

Developing a mobile-friendly website is not a hard task. You can use the following ways:

• Constantly check your website with Google’s mobile-friendly tool.
• Start using your website on your own mobile device in order to see how it performs.
• Make sure your website loads quickly (preferably less that 2 seconds).

2. Broken links

A broken link is the hyperlink that no longer points to its intended destination. Broken links will earn you a bad reputation and also visitors and Google doesn’t like them. Therefore, you should try to continuously check the accessibility of your links and, if its the case, to repair or remove the broken links.

3. You don’t use description tags and meta title

Title tags (also called title elements) are used in order to define the title of a document. Title tags are usually used on search engine results pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a specfic page, and are important both for social sharing and SEO.

4. Copied copy

Stealing the content from a competitor is not only illegal: Google can push your website so far down the rankings that no-one will ever find it, and in bad cases, de-index the whole website, so just try to make your content unique.

5. Duplicated content

You should clearly avoid to post the same content in more than one location. This type of duplication is detrimental to SEO, but usually happens on large websites or eCommerce websites that have several pages listing the same set of products. The most effective method which can be used to combat duplicate content is to implement 301 redirect rules from the lower quality pages to the preferred web page.