Your website represents the face of your business, your art or your organization, and it must have a respectable and beautiful design. Nowadays is easier than ever to create an online presence you can be proud of. When you get ready to create a website, you will probably want to stay alert to several web design mistakes that may impact the entire process. Avoiding these common mistakes is an important step in ensuring that your site stays gorgeous and user-friendly.

We will show you a list of “don’ts” that every website owner should read:

Your Site Content Is Difficult To Read

There are several factors/ elements that can make your site text difficult to read. It can be the poor contrast between the text color and the background, or the tiny letter size that requires a magnifying glass, using multiple fonts that confuse and tire the readers (we really recommend that you stick just one, maximum two fonts per page), or just cramping too many words on a single page.

Website Images

When your photos are pixelated you’d think the internet went back to 2000; when the image is accidentally cropped to show the top of your head rather than your face.

Website images represent an important element. They illustrate something about your brand or about yourself, and they help set the mood for the entire site. Therefore, if the images can not perform these tasks, then they shouldn’t be on your website. To make sure you get the most out of your site images, use only high-quality files and optimize them to fit your site design (play with colors, crop, edit size, etc.).

Responsive Web Design

Your website looks great on your computer and maybe your phone too. But have you tested it on a variety of different devices? Moreover, have you considered making your website design responsive, which means that it will resize based on the dimensions of the screen?

These are all great questions to consider before you will publish your new company website, but it is worth going back and checking different browsers and devices even if your site is live.

Furthermore, with recent technology making it so easy to have a mobile-friendly website, there is no excuse for not taking that step forward. You can easily optimize your website for mobile viewing and even customize it further to guarantee the best user experience on all platforms.

Lack of Contact Information

This also seems obvious, but we have searched numerous websites for contact phone numbers or email address – and we are amazed how many times we were unable to find one. Just because a website is online does not mean a prospect only wants to contact you online.

No Privacy Policy

We all want to be certain we are offering our e-mail address to someone who will protect it carefully. If you ask for an e-mail address on one of your forms, let your visitors know that you will not sell or distribute their address to anyone.

Your visitors are accessing your website specifically for the content. Therefore, the appearance and usability are also critical factors. If a visit to your web site is a positive experience, you have a much better chance of converting prospects to clients.

Do Not Make These Website Mistakes!