The design process is something followed by all designers even though it varies from one designer to the other. Usually, the process depends on the type of a design project you are working with. The other side of the design process is always from the business perspective, which should result in a functional solution. Maybe, this is the key part in order to design your website successfully.

Even if the design agency you hire will do their own research, it is just as important for your firm to do so as well. The company’s research should be preliminary and the results should decide what direction you are heading towards. By having this research, you should be able to explain to a designer exactly what you want your website to be.

According to Forbes, a basic website design process should follow 5 steps:

• Research & brainstorming
• Wireframing
• Mockups
• Design
• Development

Therefore, you should make sure that the design agency you hire has a well established design process that will work for your business. Do not be afraid to ask your design agency about the design process.

It is a great idea to create a list that will guide the design agency. to Forbes underlyied that you should consider something like:

• Websites that you would like to get some design cues from
• Colors, fonts, logos, and other branding materials
• Stock imagery you want to use
• Primary goal of the website (i.e., user registration)

One thing that you should avoid during the design process is design by committee. Design by committee represents a process of design where the design will go through many approval levels and eyes before it will be approved. This is time consuming and it changes the original idea of the website that the designer envisioned.