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At IT Solutions Tonight, LLC, we work with businesses in a lot of different domains, including Medical / Doctors / Physicians  and more. The was a project dedicated to a Medical Editing and Language Support company based in South Carolina but offering its services throughout the South-East part of the country. They provide Writing, Editing, ESL Support, Biomedical Translations and all kind of services related to medical articles. If you are a doctor, phisician, medical student in need of such help, please contact Iulia Filip by visiting her website.


The project itself was very carefully designed since, as we all know, a business conducting writing and editing services has to have a clean and professional image, provide the right information to the visitors and the right tools for businesses to conduct remote services. It was and still is a good web design project for us since we maintain the website, provide updates and security patches as needed.

People on project: Raz, Dani, Alex, Iulia





Ms. Iulia Filip

Owner, Medical Editing and Language Support Inc.


“When it comes to showcasing your business to attract customers, you need a web designer who understands your mission and your goals. The IT Solutions team listened to our ideas and came up with the best solutions for a sleek, professional presentation that reflects our vision. Creativity, graphic ability, and professionalism are just a few of the attributes that describe IT Solutions Tonight.”


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