90% of SEO specialists say that we should include the significantly keyword of our business in the domain name … they’re right. However, if you want your business to grow globally it could be wrong.

Keywords represent the main element of rank in the search engine. If you want to sell your car and the website contains “cars, sales” as keywords inside it, SEO is almost ready (50% – 60%). Therefore, your website will have an increased advantage comparing with the “non-key” web domains.

Have you seen a site called something like “www.themostpowerfulcarintheworld.something” becoming a very popular brand? The answer is obviously not.

When you choose a domain name for you or your business, you must consider two important things:

1. I want to be in front of my competitors in a Google search?
2. I want to make my business a brand that is easy to pronounce, understand and remember?

Is extremely difficult to achieve simultaneously both goals, because nowadays the “good” web domains are already claimed.

If you do not know very well the web domains market, we are willing to offer you a brief statistic about the fact that the most valuable domain names web have between 4 and 10 characters (including the hyphen or numbers) and that there is at least one keyword inside them (preferably being the first word) or famous brands with web domain names from 4 to 6 characters.

We intentionally excluded web domains that have form 1 to 3 characters because they are rare diamonds and if you are a kind of guru of a prosperous business, is likely to disappear from your mind.

However, once the algorithms appeared (panda, penguin, etc.) the importance of web domains with keywords has fallen dramatically, so choose something catchy like “Google” or “Yahoo”.