1. Low cost compared to paid advertising (PPC)

Structural listings are free. No matter how many clicks you have, you don’t have to pay Google, unlike PPC.

    1. Increase traffic

This is a definite way to maximize business efforts. SEO will result pretty quickly. Using tools to track traffic to your website, you can track the number of people visiting your site, and this number will increase your sales.

    1. Better return of investment (ROI)

Google Search actually reflect people who searched tags and keywords on your site. These people are those who seek your products. Ads can be anywhere. Many people can accidentally clicks on the ad (and yes, it’s still chargeable). A click from Google is more valuable than a click on an ad.

    1. 60% of clicks are coming from the first result

Securing the top spot in Google is a sure way to get thousands of visitors on your website.

    1. Your competitors are using SEO

Increasingly more people are beginning to realize that SEO benefits are extremely high. Your competitors know this and have begun to take advantage of it. If your competitors are using it then they will appear before you on Google and they “steal” all those clicks that can lead to sales before accessing your site.

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