WooCommerce represents an eCommerce platform, being used by 35% of all online stores and by more than one million websites. It is perfect for a start-up online store, someone looking for a more user-friendly option. It is also filled with themes and plugins that can be used to add extra functions to an online store. Moreover, unlike most of its competitors, it is a free tool, with no monthly fees for the software.

WooCommerce is the best choice for both individuals and businesses who want to launch their own online store, whether using their existing WordPress website or blog or building it from scratch. Here are the reasons why you might love WooCommerce:

1. No monthly payments:

As has been mentioned above, WooCommerce represents a free eCommerce plugin that comes with a robust set of features and tools that can help you to get started.

2. Support:

The WooCommerce team offers full support from. Hoever, you can benefit from this support from user communities that include software experts and actual business owners.

3. Open source codebase:

WooCommerce is fully open sourced, which means that the code is freely available for anyone to view, modify, and/or contribute towards. This encourages an active community of contributors to the project.

4. Powered by WordPress:

Holding approximately 35% of the Internet, WooCommerce enables these website owners (WordPress) to sell online using a platform they already know and love.

5. Powerful and intuitive interfaces:

WooCommerce focuses on making the processes involved by setting up an online store as easy and quick as possible. It provides an onboarding wizard to guide the users through the setup in under ten minutes.

6. Extension library:

WooCommerce boasts a wide range of official extensions also known as add-on features, such as advanced tax calculators, membership system management, payment gateways and shipping calculators for your specific country, subscription management, anti-fraud and many other.


Source Image: https://kinsta.com/blog/woocommerce-tutorial/