We have a lot of definitions to choose from when we talk about design: it refers not only to graphic design, but includes the design strategy, too. Design is used in a variety of industries, for example architecture, web design, and engineering.

Therefore, design is not just a form of visual artistic representation, being also the entire planning of processes to achieve certain goals. Nowadays, large corporations clearly understand this and incorporate every form of design into their strategy in order to be successful.

For the best corporate design, we need to be aware of two main elements, which can be further broken down into a total of five elements:
design strategy (brand, quality), and
• design, as a form of visual artistic representation (logo, colors, website).

1. Brand

In the first place, brand is the definition of corporate business. The name of a company can also be its brand. Secondly, the brand value reflects how an organization is seen in the marketplace. Brand identity communicates a company’s strategy in a universal way to target audiences.

2. Quality

Quality represents one of the most important elements of a good company. It defines an organization through its policies, responsibilities, and procedures to its users. A company that provides quality services and/ or products has a great chance of bringing a user back not just once but many times over.

3. Logo

Usually, a logo is designed for immediate recognition. Clients often identify a company by its logo. Being only one aspect of an organization`s brand strategy, a logo helps to differentiate a company from its competitors. Despite this, you should take into consideration that a great logo does not mean anything until the brand makes it worth something.

4. Colors

If you own a company you should take into consideration different color combinations, color meanings and color theory. Moreover, the corporate color scheme choosen by the designer should make a strong statement about the company and how it does business. As with all of the other presented elements, colors should emphasize the strategy and philosophy of the company.

5. Website

According to statistics, the Internet has become a necessity that determines worldwide Internet users to make annual huge expenditures. The online market is in a continuous process of development, which means that now it can be accessed easily. WITHOUT A WEBSITE, A COMPANY DOES NOT EXIST. Every web page consists of quality information, animated effects, photos and videos, links etc., optimized for the specific purpose of that website.