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Today in the world of internet where many businesses are done using computers a Gym or a fitness trainer also needs a website in order to promote business in local market. Our Fitness WordPress theme is custom made keeping in mind requirements for gyms as well as fitness/yoga trainers. Our fitness WordPress theme is adaptive, responsive and has all the features that we thought are needed for a gym website.

Gyms/Trainers need timetable to schedule and showcase the different times in which different courses or schedules are undertaken. Hence we have a timetable for the same. If someone comes to the site they should get the phone number quickly and hence phone number is written on top of our fitness WordPress theme for quick call to action. Contact page is given for knowing the location of the gym and for contacting by filling up the form.

Blog is given for writing out new exercises and for seo promotions or some news for the gym in this fitness WordPress theme. It also comprises of various shortcodes which are easy to use all throughout the site. Also it is coded for seo friendliness and easy to handle whether you are a developer or a first time user. Avail free installation from us in case you are a first time user.