Loss of data confidentiality is the main fear of Internet users. You can reduce security risks and protect the personal data of visitors to your site using an SSL certificate. Discover the benefits and how to get free SSL certificates for all your domains.

What is an SSL certificate?

Shortly, without an SSL certificate, information transmitted between your computer and the site you visit may be intercepted and even altered.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer short term) is an encryption protocol communication in computer networks. Thanks to its many advantages, SSL has become an industry standard and is used by millions of websites to protect consumers.

You must have visited websites that have https:// in the address bar instead of http://. This is the clue that your browser uses an encrypted connection.

It costs you one click to install an SSL certificate on your site for free. Here are some reasons to do it:

Protects data visitors

Internet communications between two computers involves passing through several data networking equipment. In each of these nodes is a risk of interception.

Every time a visitor fills out a web form on your site, sending data to server hosting. Email, instant messages, physical address, products ordered, credit cards, all these and many other information sent via a form can be intercepted if it’s not encrypted.

The problem is even more serious in wireless networks, which have different vulnerabilities and where physical access is not necessary intermediate network equipment. The interception is “in the air”.

Increase trust in your brand

SSL certificate has the function to confirm the authenticity of your site.

Visitors feel secure knowing that the site is who it claims, appreciates that protect personal information and reduce the risk of virus infection.

This evidences are growing confidence in your brand.

Optimize the site for search engines

Google said in 2014 that still uses this criterion as a factor after rank the results. In other words, sites with SSL certificates appear in search results on Google. One more reason to install an SSL certificate.

Choose a web hosting package that includes SSL certificates.