Firstly, a domain name represents more than an address. It is your business and its online identity. That is the reason why your domain name must be you. Also, a domain name is how your website will be known in the online environment, no matter what type of website you will have. It is the unique address of your website on the internet and it will be yours as long as you continue paying the specific fee.

Domain Name Structure

Prefix – represents the internet application protocol of your domain ( standard – http: , secured – https: ).
Name – represents the second level domain of the website, picked by the person who has registred the domain.
Subdomain – represents the third level domain of the website name (some websites use “www”, others not).
Extension – represents the top level domain, and can be picked for the available choices.

Tips for choosing an efficient domain name

1. Make it sound like a brand

Brandable” means that when you hear yourself or someone else say the domain name, it should sound like a brand, not like like a generic. Thus, numbers and hyphens are a real problem whereas they don not make something sound like a brand. They make it sound strange, or they make it sound generic.

2. Make it easy to type

If you have to spell out your domain name more than once for it to be well understood, then it won’t work. You should keep the domain name simple to remember and easy to enter in an search field or address bar. Simplicity is very important due to the fact that, for sure you don’t want your future visitors to incorrectly type in your domain name and be directed to another site.

3. The length matters

Length matters, and is also a key aspect because of the processing fluency stuff we talked about before. The fewer characters a domain name has, the easier is to be typed, the easier is to be said, shared, the less it gets shortened in search results and on social media sharing platforms.

4. Make it intuitive

If you believe that a part of your target public, the audience that you are trying to reach in present and in the future, could immediately associate your domain name with a good guess of what they think you do, that is a huge advantage. Therefore, people should clearly associate your domain name with what you offer.

5. International usage

When it is possible, you should select a domain name that can be accessed by all international audience, as this will meaningfully boost your company’s value. In that way you can increase your target audience, and you can expand your business at a global level.