Maybe you ask yourself  “Why would anybody hack my website? “

We can answer with another question “Why not?”. For a hacker it’s quite simple. All or most of the attacks are automated, meaning that various software developed by hackers crawl the internet and look for vulnerable sites. Let’s say that your site isn’t so special, but the data that is stored on your database is pure gold for hackers. They can use that data on many purposes like: mass email sending, database scarping, and so on.

Here are some security tips that you can use for your website:

Use .htaccess protection

.htaccess is a file used for configuration of site-access issues, such as URL redirection. Also is a file that can have a huge impact on your site security. You can use plugins or craft it manually according to Apache’s practices.

Disable PHP error reporting

PHP errors reporting it’s itself a good debug tool when you develop a new website. If it’s enabled on a live website, in case of an error, your hole server path gets displayed on the screen. That info is valuable for hackers.

Update WordPress and plugins regularly

Updating WordPress and plugins is one of the main thing that everyone should know and needs to be done. The developers who work for WordPress and the other ones that are developing plugins find issues that can be used for hacking a website. The next step is to remove that issues and our duty is only to update to the new version and in this way the problem is solved.

Back up your site regularly

Backups won’t save your site from getting hacked. But, they are really necessary to be done in case things go wrong ! If you have a recent backup of your site then you will be able to restore it back to normal no matter what bad thing happen.

If you have any questions about security for your website, fell free to contact us!