Wedding Photography includes candid wedding photography, pre wedding photoshoots as well as wedding rituals shoots.

Activities related to wedding all of them can be encompassed and shot from various cameras from still to moving and can be kept stored for the couples as well as their guests to watch it at a later time and cherish those memories.

It has now become a major branch of commercial photography and hence wedding photographers are nowadays one of the most hot topic and most sought after photographers.

Our Wedding Photography WordPress theme tends to remove the gap between people finding their dream wedding photographer and wedding photographers who need a nice and easy to navigate portfolio website from their point of view.

This SEO friendly full of galleries and portfolio wedding photography WordPress theme can be used also as a wedding agency WordPress theme.

A Wedding agency is nothing but a wedding planner or a wedding planner agency who work on the nitty gritty of properly setting up everything for your wedding so that you do not have to take care of each hassle.

Since during weddings there are so many things that need to be taken care of wedding planners and wedding agencies have come up which try to solve all these problems with their fixed vendors and sources like booking of DJ and Choreographer.

Booking of photographers, booking of stylists to bride dress and sending invitations to several places outside country and town.

From setting up themed Bachelorette parties to having the happiest and yummiest wedding cakes these wedding agencies are known to solve your problems and to set up your wedding date as you have dreamt of.

This template can thus be used as a Wedding agency WordPress theme which has the following common features:

Responsive since this has to be accessible from all kinds of devices as all kinds of people would like to book a wedding photographer or a wedding agency.

Easy to use since most of the wedding photographers as well as wedding agencies won’t have an IT team to manage their website for them so they should be able to handle their own website on their own.

Wedding Photography WordPress theme has the ability to handle multiple slideshows and multiple sliders and also multiple gallery plugins of various styles and thus one knows that lots of choices are there for their albums to be presented in the best possible way.