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Yoga is essential for keeping one’s mind and body fit and free from pressure. It is also a method to gain and increase concentration and to increase focus. Yoga gurus have different styles of yoga and they want to preach and get more students for their classes. One way of increasing students and do more promotion is online medium. Hence a website is very essential and necessity when doing online promotion.

Our yoga WordPress theme tries to reduce the gap between yoga gurus, and students by giving and opportunity to yoga gurus to have a fantastic online website using our yoga WordPress theme. Yogi our yoga WordPress theme comes with a nice slider which may show images of you. It may show the various styles one practices. Slider timings and animation effects can be easily changed in the slider settings.

Our teachers section tells everyone about the teachers your club has so that they can get to know from whom they will be learning yoga from. Our services may include various styles and services that your yoga club has. You can define the specifics of your yoga club here.

News and events can be used to connect to students via blog. Have daily or weekly free sessions. Connect with the rest of the world with some valuable info about yoga. Also can be used for press releases about your club. Lastly the contact us section shows the world where you are at and the email, phone number. If someone has any query they can fill the form.